The Top 15 Errors Internet Marketers Make When They’re Starting Out

molumen_red_round_error_warning_iconLet’s face it. Internet marketing is no easy game to enter.  While some IM’ers thin they can chuck their day job and throw caution to the wind, others take their time getting established…so much time, in fact, that they never do.

What follows is 15 of the top errors internet marketers make when they get started.  Can you think of more?

15. They have unrealistic expectations.

If you think you can get rich by blasting off an email every once in while from your boat on the lake, think again.  In fact, if you think you can get rich in IM at all, you may need to get realistic.  Remember the 80/20 rule.  While the top 20% are indeed making it in the field, there’s the 80% at the bottom still struggling to get in.

14. They think it will be easy.

People think the road to IM is an easy one paved with riches. But too many people are disillusioned when they discover that it actually involves work.  Instead of seeing IM as the “quick and easy,” view it for what it is a business that takes time and effort to establish.

13. They get discouraged too easily.

People in IM ted to give up when they don’t grasp immediate riches or success.  Yes, it can be frustrating to hear about internet millionaires, while you’re still chipping away at it.  But on the reverse side of that, it can be liberating to realize you aren’t just chasing a pipe dream, if you execute it correctly. So stick with it!

12. They think a shiny object will be the answer.

Oh, if I had a penny for every dollar I’d wasted on a shiny object.  They are appealing, for reasons I outline here. And I know I’m not alone.  But sooner or later, you realize (as I did) that no shiny object will represent “the” way to success.  Focus on tools that will help you build a successful IM business – not every product that claims to be the next quick and easy.

11. They think they know what they’re doing

Many internet marketers tend to barrel in, determined to pull off a plan, no matter how poorly executed, often with dire consequences (whether it be lost time, money, or both).  It helps to learn from the so-called gurus who have been there before (those who are willing to share their secrets to success, that is). Alex Jeffreys is one of those transparent IM successes who is willing to lay out the tools you need, if you’re willing to use them. If you don’t follow his specific training, find another success story to follow – and learn from.

10. They think they’ll never be able to figure it out

Conversely, some newbies to IM think that it’s an impossible game to win.  Not true.  It all boils down to some basic components. Once you have them down, it’s a formula you can apply again and again.

9. They take the wrong advice

Remember what I said above.  It’s good to have guidance from an established internet marketer, ideally in the niche you’ve chosen. However, don’t follow the advice of the wrong so-called experts.  Following bad advice could be just as detrimental, if not more so, than not following any advice at all.

8. They don’t network

Internet marketing is a business, just like any other field.  And to get into that world, you need to get firmly established with others in the field.  Join coaching programs that will allow you to meet others who are getting started, as well as the instructors who are well-positioned as “experts”.

7. They let others discourage them too easily

Too many people outside of IM don’t understand it in the least.  Too many of them are quick to smother the dreams and efforts of those who are working to succeed at it.  Family and friends can range from well-meaning to downright abrasive as they try to sabotage your hopes and dreams.  Don’t let them.  Join a good support community, like the Warrior Forum or another place where you can find other internet marketers who “get it”.

 6.  They think it’s “get rich quick”

Contrary to this myth, many internet marketers are able to earn a side income.  Even fewer replace their day job with their income. Even fewer (remember the top 20%, who make 80% of the income to be made in IM) are raking it in big-time. And don’t forget #15, You can get there, but it will take actual effort.

5. They’re promoting poor products

Yes, you might believe your affiliate product is the best thing since sliced bread, but you may not be so convincing to others for a number of reasons. Others’ goals might not match your product. If you’re promoting IM products, your chosen product to promote might stink – point blank.  Others might realize it’s a scam and steer clear. There are plenty of ways to do research ahead of time to increase your chances that  you’re promoting a worthwhile product, so make sure you do it.

4. They’re chasing too many things at once

This is something The ADHDpreneur struggled with for a while.  And it’s still tempting to want to build your blog, market a product, create your own product, post product reviews,  and try out the latest new product release on JV Zoo all at once.  Don’t waste your time.  End result: you’ll dilute your efforts and get nothing accomplished. Stick with the determination to FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.

3. They never get started

It’s too easy to spend all day buying products that claim to do this and that, check emails, and surf the Warrior Forum without a plan in mind.  Next thing you know, you realize you’ve spent all day accomplishing essentially nothing.  Determine your goals for the day  Now what are the action steps you need to accomplish them? Another reason people fail to get started is information overload; still another is fear of failure.  Learn how to tackle both head-on.  You’ll be better off.

2. They spam everyone in sight

You’ve seen the type.  Perhaps you are the type.  Every chance you get, you’re spamming affiliate links to your friends, family, and complete strangers.  You find sneaky ways to slip them into forum posts, emails and conversations.  Well, news flash: Its not sneaky at all.  It’s painfully obvious, and just plain annoying.

1. They don’t have a game plan

How do you know how to avoid the above? Go into IM informed.  Take a quality course like the one at, or one from another established internet marketer who has “made it” in the field, who knows what s/he’s teaching.  Join the War Room at Warrior Forum and study the basics to get started.  Get them for free here at The ADHDpreneur. But whatever you do, identify a course of action – then stick with it.


Did I miss any? What are some other errors you think internet marketers make when they’re starting out?