Shiny Object Sufferers Anonymous: The Confessional

stylish-shiny-vector-mosaic-background-06I’ll admit I used to be notorious for purchasing every shiny object out there that I could get my hands on.

Reason? I thought they would be my eventual “ticket” to success as an internet marketer.

Why are shiny objects so attractive?

In his excellent ebook Jarrod Drawbraugh explains that it boils down to the Pleasure Principle.  Simply put, the “rush” of buying WSO after WSO causes a biochemical reaction in our brains akin to engaging in other pleasurable tasks that give us a “rush”.

So why do we not use the information in each WSO, instead quickly abandoning it to chase after the next one?

Again, it’s the Pleasure Principal at work.  We find they are too frustrating to use, too difficult to set up, etc.  It’s more pleasurable to instead seek out the next “jackpot” that might pay off (with minimal time, effort, or sacrifice).

The sad (but often liberating) truth is that there really is only ONE sure way to IM success online.

Head over to this link to discover what it is.

But before you do — Confession time!

What’s the worst case of “Shiny Object Syndrome” you can remember experiencing?