My Meteoric Rise to Internet Marketing Fame

OK, so I’m being facetious – obviously.  I’m no superstar internet marketer just yet.My Meteoric Rise to IM Fame

I do feel very accomplished, though.

I thought I would outline my steps for those who are also seeking to understand how internet marketing “works”:

1. I just registered a domain name ( with my registrar of choice, GoDaddy. I chose to go into the insomnia niche.  As I stated in my last post, it’s a niche near and dear to my heart.  It fulfills all of the “prerequisites” of a niche.  It’s something I’ve struggled with (big time), and so can hopefully help others with what I’ve learned and researched about it already.  I’m interested enough in it to keep doing further research. And, it’s a highly lucrative niche.  Why didn’t I think of it sooner?

(Now as I’m sure I mentioned, I already developed and released one product on Clickbank, but I’m not saying what because its in an entirely different niche and done under a pen name, for reasons I won’t get into.  This new insomnia site won’t be as involved as a Clickbank product endeavor. Although never say never – Perhaps someday I’ll have the motivation to release my own product in that niche.)

2. I already have hosting through Hostgator. While I agree they are not what they used to be, I still like how I get a Cpanel with all the bells ‘n whistles, including unlimited addon domains, for a pretty reasonable price.

3. I just studied some products I’d like to market on my site.  I started with Clickbank, since I’m already an affiliate there. I could branch out to other networks too.  In this niche, the potential for products to market is unlimited. And the key is – I want to believe in the products.  I plan to try many of them out myself.  It’s much different than just picking a niche “for the hell of it” and selling products with no passion behind it.  The products I plan to market all have meaning behind my choices.

4. I started writing emails to pre-load into my autoresponder.

I sat down and wrote out an initial round of emails to send out to my subscribers, to be dripped out on a daily basis.

In this case, I’m keeping it stupid simple.  I have access to the best membership site software and training program out there, but for now, I don’t plan for this to be a membership site. That is. not unless my subscribers request one (see #5). This will be strictly a squeeze page and building a list. Isn’t that where they always say the money is?

5. As I stated I have an initial series of emails that will be all ready to go.  At the end of these 15-20 or so emails, I plan to present my readers with a survey.  It will ask more about their struggles with insomnia, demographic information, and what THEY would like to read about so I can make the site what they want it to be.  (Alex Jeffreys taught me that.) I think far too often, I tend to get caught up in my own interests, and my interests alone, and I think that has severely stunted my ability to succeed in internet marketing. Do you know how many times I’ve tried to reinvent the wheel for the sole purpose of catering to my own interests?

In a way, it’s natural. No one wants to spend all day writing about something they don’t take interest in.  But the ability to make it into what others want is what (I believe) will be the separating factor between making money vs. not making money.

And that’s it! I guess step 6 is – continue to market to my audience based on what they want to see.

To those searching for the “magic bullet” in internet marketing, I have good news and bad news.  There is none.  It’s really as simple – and as difficult – as I outlined above.

Simple because it’s no longer mysterious. You now know, if you weren’t already aware, that there’s no pie-in-the-sky “push-button software” that does all the work for you. Those who have convinced you otherwise are now laughing their way to the bank. (With your money, but don’t feel bad.  They got away with plenty of my money, too!)

Difficult because the fantasy is over.  It is actual work you have to put in now, in the hopes that it will pay off down the road.  And down the road, the work will continue (although it will be considerably more enjoyable than the effort you could be spending toiling away at some other jobs).

Here at The ADHDpreneur, the more I learn about the process, the more I will be transparent and tell it to you as I see it.  Yes, there are essential tools you have to buy: Hosting, domains, autoresponder, and optionally, membership site software. But the main investment is time and effort, an investment most are not willing to make.  Myself, I’d rather put in the work but know what I”m working toward, than ultimately put in even more time looking for “easy riches” that don’t exist.



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