Just Do It!

p_125As many of you will recall, I’m building a site in a niche I’m highly interested in (public records)–something that won’t necessarily make much money–in order to get a feel for how to do the process. Then I can wash, rinse, and repeat with more lucrative products/niches.

I just put together the first couple of pages of my membership site.
As I did, it began to click.
Each page is equal to a paid member if it has good content.
Each paid member is equal to the basic monthly membership fee.
Several of those membership fees equals my financial freedom.
Especially when I “wash, rinse, and repeat” the process in multiple niches.

Of course, this is basic knowledge, but knowing it intellectually is different than when it hits you psychologically.
To those of you struggling to get started…just do it!
There is something that building those pages will do to you and give you the momentum to take it further.

THANK YOU, Alex Jeffreys!



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  1. Ben Solomon February 19, 2014
  2. Steven Lucas June 7, 2014