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Light_BulbWell, it’s been some time since I posted anything on the ole blog.  But does that mean I haven’t been busy? Far from it!

I’ve managed to quit my day job. Don’t get too excited–I still work during the day. However, it’s at a job where I can make my own hours (and hopefully, as a result, have more time in between to work my online business.) I feel like this is a necessary step in embracing IM. The reason it appealed to me in the first place is the freedom it represents.

In my absence, I also created a product and put it up on Clickbank.  (If you’re in the novel-writing niche, you can go here to become an affiliate – 75% commission on the front-end product and the 2 recurring upsells, which is the highest payout allowed by Clickbank.)  Although it has not been the smashing success I hoped for, I am proud that I got that first product out there.  The amount I’ve learned from the experience is invaluable.

I’m still reconstructing this last attempt and why it has not taken off on Clickbank as I had hoped it would.  I believe part of it is because there is not enough of a demand for products in the niche for which people are willing to pay.

For that reason, I have decided my next big project is going to be to enter the insomnia niche.

I read this report in “The War Room” that got me excited about creating something again.  I’m not sure why; the report was a pretty basic report on finding a “desperate” niche that is crying out for advice to  help solve their problem.

I guess the reason it appealed to me is because I, myself, have suffered from insomnia for years.  And I don’t mean the “every-now-and-then” type.  I’m talking, debilitating lack of sleep, sometimes several nights at a stretch, for the past several years.

I thought about it and realized I could seriously pursue this niche. I would have endless content for the niche with all of my own trials, struggles, and experiments for “the cure”.  Having also found more relief than I had in the past, I can also recommend real products and advice that may be truly helpful to others.

I bought the domain name (there’s nothing there, just yet). I’m going to work on creating my initial website and autoresponder messages.

Now, you know me.  I’ve got a thousand other projects I’d like to pursue right now as well. My big challenge is going to be beating them all down and keeping them at bay to be able to follow through with this one.  But as I got as far as getting the previous one up on Clickbank (albeit perhaps not perfect), at least I now know I can do it.

I’m not so sure this will have the magnitude of creating another Clickbank product. It may lead to that, down the line. Right now, however, I’m more interested in the endless products I can promote as an affiliate, along with providing good advice and support to others who suffer from insomnia.

I’m excited about this possibility! It’s the first time I truly see the potential of a niche I am truly excited about with one that has the amazing potential to be profitable as well.  If you don’t see it, just read this report I stumbled upon.  It says it all.

It’s been said if you’re not making mistakes or experiencing failure as an entrepreneur, you’re not trying hard enough.

I hope I’ve managed to motivate you a little with this post, if you felt you were losing steam in your drive for success in IM.  Now, go create something!

But before you do, let me ask you:

What setbacks have you experienced that, in hindsight, helped you to advance even further in the long run?

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