Back to Square 1

shapes081Hello, welcome, and thanks for stopping by.   I’m almost embarrassed about what I’m about to share, but, hey – nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

My name is Jen.  I am in the social services field by day, and I do love to help others, but it just doesn’t pay the rent.

I have 3 children.  My daughters are teenagers already and my son is now an adult, and it makes me truly sad how much of their lives they have had to spend growing up having just the basics.

They’ve always had a good attitude of making the most of what they had while growing up with me, their “broke” single mom.

(Now before you feel too badly for them, 3 years ago we moved within walking distance of the largest amusement park in the area. Every year, I’ve made sure they had their season passes. They have had some good things in life…just not nearly as much as I’d like to give them.)

In November of 2011 (a year after moving), I was laid off from my job.  I vowed to spend the time off learning internet marketing.  I spent that next year in search of “the” product or program that would make me money online.  My goal was to avoid returning to a day job, but I didn’t meet that goal.

I discovered Alex Jeffreys’ “Marketing with Alex” program, but it was too late.
I was mired in debt and had to go back to work a month into working the program.
However, his formula did put everything in perspective, so at least I now knew what I must do to succeed as an internet marketer.

I continued trying to learn the strategies he taught.  However, I had to return to another grueling, thankless job in my field.  In my previous position, I had already made an insulting amount of money, given that I have a Master’s degree.  With this new job –the first I could find — I was forced to take an additional $6,000 pay cut to re-enter the work force.  With bills and a house payment to make, I had little choice but to accept it.

Meanwhile, I’m ashamed to say my income crisis has not improved.  My house payment has consistently been 2 weeks late since around the time I was laid off.  I’m lucky to still have my small roof overhead for my children and myself, as many people end up losing their homes to foreclosure when they get laid off.  However, the house is not without its issues, as it is in very ill repair.  I began discovering one major issue after another since buying it; first plumbing, then electrical.  It needs several thousands of dollars in repair.

To add insult to injury, my car recently stopped working.  I am fortunate enough to have a friend in the neighborhood who can give me rides to work, but I’ve been quoted anywhere from $1400-$5000 to put a new engine in my vehicle, with no way to afford it at this point.

And perhaps most tragically, right now I’m trapped in this damn “day job” that I hate, with no end in sight.

Recently, Alex Jeffreys hosted a webinar where he put out a call for people to join his Inner Circle coaching program.

I contemplated joining up, but that very same day, I was faced with a dilemma.  My clothes dryer, which was already on the fritz, abruptly stopped working altogether.

I sent my children to friends who were generous enough to let them do their laundry, while I pondered my decision.

I had $500 to my name.  Should I purchase another clothes dryer, or sink the money into joining Alex’s Inner Circle coaching?

Informing no one but my children of my choice and the reasons why (as I’m sure my other friends and family would laugh at me or criticize me), just before the weekend, I joined the Inner Circle.

I am fortunate that my teenaged daughters wanted to spent the weekend at friends’ houses.  I’ve always fed their friends when they are over, so this weekend, I’m relieved of two or more additional mouths to feed.  I literally have just enough groceries to survive until payday as a result of this decision.  But that’s how much faith I have in this program and Alex’s training to “rescue” me from my present way of life.

You see, I don’t believe I was ever meant to live this way.
I’m a creative type — someone who never envisioned myself in the traditional “9-5” job.
I always fancied myself making money from home, and lots of it.
Somehow it didn’t happen, and I’ve been left wondering how the life I was supposed to live has eluded me to this point.

I have to do more for my children and myself.
I want to make it up to them that they’ve ever had to live in these conditions at all.
I want a nicer house for them now, one for them to fondly remember as “home” when they come to visit me with my eventual grandchildren.

I want to take them on trips, buy them nice things, and really offer them the quality of life they deserve.

Eventually, I want to leave a legacy to pass on to them when I am gone.

I don’t lust for money, but I do lust for the conveniences and experiences money can buy.

I never want to have to rely on another helping hand from anyone again.

That’s why I decided that it was worth it to take a risk, rather than get my clothes dryer fixed.  So here I am, having just spent my last penny on Alex Jeffreys’ Inner Circle coaching program.

What do I have? Enough food to get by until payday; intellect; drive; lots and lots of ideas; and insane  amounts of determination.

I am going to put my very all into this.
I have no choice.  I cannot afford NOT to succeed.

I had a blog up before, but I view this as a “fresh start.”  So, consider this my first blog post.

I will document my journey of “becoming” a bona fide internet marketer, which I am sure to do with the help of Alex Jeffreys and the rest of his Inner Circle.

Since I am planning to study internet marketing from A-Z and back again, perhaps what I learn can be useful to you, as well.

Tell me what you’d like to read about and learn about.

I will share what I learn, as I learn while doing.

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